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由香港濕地公園及香港幼兒教育及服務聯會 (幼聯) 合辦的「第十屆濕地劇場─說故事比賽」將於2018年1月27日舉行,比賽現已接受報名。是次比賽能讓學生獲得寶貴的舞台經驗,同時宣揚濕地保育的訊息。歡迎參閱比賽詳情及下載報名表格,截止報名日期為2017年11月10日。

- 活動單張
- 報名表格
- 比賽章程
- 「第九屆濕地劇場─說故事比賽」精彩片段:小學組冠軍 幼兒組冠軍
- 濕地知識及比賽資料
- 常見問題


The 10th Storytelling Competition


The Hong Kong Wetland Park and the Hong Kong Council of Early Childhood Education & Services (HKCECES) will co-organise "The 10th Storytelling Competition" on 27 January 2018. The competition aims to let students gain valuable experience in stage performance and to promote wetland conservation. Please refer to the following information for competition and application details. The application deadline is on 10 November 2017.


- Promotional Flyer

- Application Form

- Competition Guidelines

- Highlights of “The 9th Storytelling Competition” (in Chinese only) :

  Champion of Primary School Group  Champion of Kindergarten Group

- Competition Details and Wetland Information