The founder and Director Ms. Sansan Ching of CECES believes that learning is a natural process. Regardless of what we teach in the traditional mode, we should encourage children and teenagers to explore knowledge and skills in many circumstances and in a variety of environments outside school. Learning is a never ending endeavour and is open to people of all ages.

Numerous child developmental experts have pointed out that the infant's brain contains immeasurable potential. One of such experts, Dr. Glenn Doman, said, "When an infant is born, it possesses traits of potential talent like William Shakespeare, Mozart, Thomas Edison, Einstein and many others. Whether a person is intelligent or unintelligent is a result of the surroundings." Whether parents are rich or poor, as long as they have the desire to help their children and put some effort into learning how to bring out the best in their children, they will likely to see a happy outcome. Many specialists believe that the earlier intelligence development starts the more efficient is the learning. The brain's cerebrum develops rapidly. Doman's pioneering work proves that a systematic teaching of word recognition to 3-year olds is easier than teaching 7-year olds, and the teaching of 2-year olds is easier than teaching 3-year olds.

Therefore, it is important to take advantage of the prime learning ages to maximize a young child's brain functions.
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  Summer Courses 2015  (updated in April 2015)

  All Courses Handbook  (updated in May 2014)


All Courses

All courses in CCDC are developed for children aged 1-9!

aged 1-3 Early Learning English Playgroup (NEW)

aged 2-3 Kindergarten Preparation Class 

aged 3-8 Cambridge Starters, Movers, Flyers 

aged 3-6 Show English (Level 1-6)

               English Drama (Trinity YCP) (NEW)

               Reading Page

               Synthetic Phonics

               CECES Putonghua

aged 4-6 Speech & Communication Wonderland (Trinity SCA) (NEW)

aged 4-7 Communication Skills (Trinity CS) (NEW)

aged 6-9 Show English (Level 7-12)



1-3 Years Old
CECES Playgroup (12-36months)

1 hour: Theme story shared reading, theme song singing, new words learning, tea time sharing, arts & crafts creating, fine & gross motors exercise, revision. Teach by well-trained Native English Teachers.

CECES Early Learning English Playgroup  (updated in May 2015)




20 Months - 3 Years Old
Kindergarten Preparation Course (aged 20mth - 3 years old)

Equip for better learning in kindergarten & outstanding interview performance. Teach by experienced Kindergarten teachers & Native English teachers. Four classes a week including English Story Telling & Kindergarten Preparation.

The best preparation for Kindergarten Interview!
Kindergarten Preparation Course  (updated in Aug 2014)

3 Years Old or Above
English Starters (Cambridge YLE)

CECES English Starters uses Picaro as its teaching materials which cultivates children's English abilities and application. It enhances children's examination skill indeed. Enquiries: 3162-0995.

CECES Englsih Starters (Cambridge YLE) (NEW) (updated in Aug 2014)




CECES Communication Skills (Trinity Communication Skills)

After taking the training of English presentation and speech skills, children can become more confidence to take English oral presentation. Childern can enroll Trinity Guildhall Communication Skills (Individual Exam from Initial - Grade 2). Enquiries: 3162-0995.

CECES Communication Skills (Trinity Communication Skills) (NEW) (updated in May 2015)





CECES Speech & Communication Wonderland (Trinity SCA exam preparation courses)
To teach self introduction & presentation skills; to train English poem & story telling potential; to let children develop their "Show & Tell" abilities! Children can enroll Trinity Guildhall Speech & Communication Arts (SCA) examination. Enquiries: 3162-0995.

CECES Speech & Communication Wonderland (Trinity SCA)  (NEW) (Updated in May 2015)

CECES English Drama (Trinity YPC exam preparation courses)

We are registered Trinity examination centres and provide preparation courses and examination sessions in Hong Kong. Courses start in Dec 2014 (special class) . Let's enroll NOW! Students can take the Trinity Guildhall Young Performances Certificates (YPC) in May/ June 2013. Enquiry: 3162-0995
CECES English Drama (Trinity YPC exam preparation course) (updated in May 2015)

Click here for English Drama Lesson Video

Trinity exams are fully accredited by the UK Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA). Trinity certificates are recognized in more than 60 countries and demonstrate your ability on an international scale.  A Trinity certificate can help your child to enter a primary school, secondary school or university in Hong Kong and overseas.




CECES Show English Cert Programme
Let your kids to learn practical English under a lively and funfilled learning atmoshpere.

CECES Show English   (updated in Mar 2013)

Click here for Show English Lesson Video

Content: One hour interactive learning including shared book reading, vocabularies, sentence structure, Whole BRAIN Activity, worksheet etc. It encourages students to work & communicate in English as well as to enhance the ability of listening, oral presentation, reading and writing.




CECES Putonghua

PTH conversation and vocabulary, practical in daily life, strengthen the ability & confidence of speaking PTH.

CECES Putonghua   (updates in Feb 2013)




CECES Synthetic Phonics

All English courses are taught by Native English Teachers and experienced Educators 

  CECES Synthetic Phonics (updated in Jun 2015)